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1. Be respectful. We are a group of multicultural gamers with both male and female members. Please be respectful of others both on the forum and online and bear in mind that with multiculturism comes different meanings and uses of language. Racism and bullying will not be tolerated. This is to be reflected in your Psn, username and sigs. Anything used that is found to be offensive by a member will be discussed and if it is deemed to be offensive you will be asked to change or remove said item or name. Failure to do so will result in being banned from the site. 2. Age limit. The minimum age limit is set at thirty years old to protect the values of the clan. However younger members will be allowed to join with a referal from an existing member who has been in the clan and considered active for at least a month. By younger we mean no younger than twenty five. 3. Must have a mic. Please ensure you have and use a headset. It is very necessary for a couple of reasons, it will increase the fun factor for you and those playing with you. It is also the most powerful perk we have in cod because call outs are key for good team work. If you do not have a mic when joining then you will need to purchase one within a month or you will be removed from the members list and from elite. 4. Speak/type English. It is a must that you speak and type a little English. We are not saying you need to be fluent in English, a little will do. 5.Maps. Partys online will play all maps including newly released maps. Please make every effort to have all maps availabe, you may have to leave a lobby if you dont as it is unfair to expect others not to play something they payed for. Please make every effort to play with fellow clan members and invite new members into your lobby as often as possible. 6. Boosting/cheating/hacking. We here at EUK30 feel that this spoils the fun and is a sign of immaturity. We are all mature enough not to want/need to do this. Therefore we do not tolerate boosting, cheating and hacking. If anyone is caught or asks another member to take part in it they will be banned from the site. 7. Advertisements Please be mindful of security and try to keep links to a minimum. No advertising of websites or other clan pages please and no poaching clan members. Anyone found doing so will be banned immediately. 8.inactive on the forum and psn and your membership will be deleted. this rule is for admin purposes as we have had a lot of people join and never return so in order to keep our members list up to date it is necessary to ask you the member to visit and post here on the forums at least once in 4 months please, if not you will be deleted and have to re apply. 9.Members cap We have a cap on the numbers of members we will except and that is 100 EUK30 members. Anyone can join the site but the EUK members list will stop at 100. there is a good reason for this, we here are a community of friends and like minded people and we believe to preserve those friendships and ideals we need to keep our numbers to a size we can handle on the site and on line. 10.Fun Its the most important part, we are all here to shoot pixel people and have fun with friends so please just join in and get involved. We at EUK pride ourselves on some of our crazy private games where we can just run out and kick the crap out of each other. There is nothing funnier than hearing your friend shouting "NOOOOOO" as you neatly place a RPG in his/her face lol we love it and would like it if you came and joined in too.